Building Strong, Confident Bodies

The Barre Collective has been established to preserve the strong community we fell in love with through The Barre Studio. When the studio was forced to close due to COVID-19, we were left with a void in our lives that needed to be filled. With the help of some of your devoted instructors, Sarah Yarovoy decided to form The Barre Collective.

Although our format will look familiar and continue to be attainable for all bodies, we have taken this opportunity to expand and improve. Our collective experience has given us the means to build a space to grow stronger together and to provide our members the resilience, strength, and community that shapes more than just our bodies - but also our spirits.

Until we can be with you in person we will connect virtually.

Remember - Modify Don’t Quit.

Meet the Instructors

The Barre Collective is made up of women passionate about inspiring others. We choreograph our moves and choose music to drive you through your workout. Our hope is to help you build a strong confident body - because you’re worth it.

Sarah Yarovoy

Owner / Instructor

ambitious, compassionate, empowering
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Megan Fulcher

Barre & High Fitness Instructor

creative, energetic, driven
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Sara Clevenger

Barre Instructor

empathetic, generous, determined
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Michelle Martinez

Barre Instructor

inspirational, passionate, dedicated
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